About Arnold

About Arnold Martinez

Born in 1931 to the parents Jose and Mercedes Martinez in historic Ybor City. Arnold enjoyed growing up in a small community were Mom and Dad worked in the local cigar factory, and were able to provide a good home for their family. But in the early 1970′ the inspiration for painting move him to set a little studio in the garage, and started painting. As soon as he arrived home from work he would dissappear, and work late into the evening in the studio.

With time his reputation started to grow as an artist. The spirit not only guidedhis hands, but his heart making him into a self taught master, with his “innovated medium he developed using tobacco, tea, coffee, and even beer and wine. What he mixes will relate to the image that he is creating.

At this time he has gone on to gain world wide recognition, and has an art gallery within walking distance of his old neighborhood.

He is there working with the same passion that has spanned decades with his wife, JoAnne, childrens (2) and grandchildrens (6). Creating images that reflect his life in Ybor City, Tampa, and more…

Come visit and enjoy Arnold at his art gallery…